ICCT-2020 Symposia

The conference is organised into eight symposia, each led by a plenary lecture and featuring two additional invited speakers. These symposia are:

  • Aqueous Solutions (Chair: Clare McCabe, Vanderbilt University, USA)

  • Biochemical & Pharmaceuticals Thermodynamics (Chair: Robin Curtis, University of Manchester, UK)

  • Energy & Environmental Thermodynamics (Chair: Felix Llovell, Barcelona, Spain)

  • Formulations & Advanced Materials (Chair: Flor Siperstein, University of Manchester, UK)

  • Ionic Liquids & Non-Conventional Solvents Systems (Chair: Agilio Padua, ENS de Lyon, France)

  • Phase Equilibria & Fluid Properties (Chair: Cara Schwarz, Stellenbosch University, South Africa)

  • Soft Matter, Colloids & Complex Fluids (Chair: Carlos Avendaño, University of Manchester, UK)

  • Surfaces, Interfaces & Confinement (Chair: Dan Siderius, NIST, USA)

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